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$9.99 a month or Subscribe & Save

We've surveyed hundreds of women, and here's the consensus: people want beautiful products that won't irritate the skin or break the bank. All products retail for $9.99, although you can subscribe and save by pre-ordering upcoming products.

One Shade Fits All

Have you ever bought makeup online, only to find that the colors are a horrible match? Those days are over with Candela Cosmetics: a one shade fits all solution with a single new product release every month.

Made Easy for You

 Every month, you can expect something fun, innovative, and universally-flattering. You can save money while helping us improve our operations by bundling products ahead of time. We ship free within the U.S. and always deliver on time!

Thanks for your patience!

We sincerely appreciate your patience while we update our website and concept. Our team is working hard to bring you the most pigmented, skin-friendly, and universally-flattering products you've seen yet. Please contact us with any further questions and check back soon.

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