7 Beach Wonders of South East Asia

1.  Sunday’s Beach Club-Bali 

Photo courtesy of Isobel Riant 

Sunday's Beach Club  is a perfect resort for anyone looking for a beach destination that is quieter than Potato Head and away from the busy streets of Kuta.  Although its location is quite secluded, the trip to Sunday's picturesque beach nestled between the towering cliffs of Uluwatu is well worth it.


2. Centara Grand Island Resort-Maldives 

Photo courtesy of Joshua Graves 

It’s difficult to think of a reason to not visit the Maldives, with crystal clear turquoise water and powdery white sand the Centara Grand Island Resort is a great option for a luxurious vacation. The resort offers a range of activities from kayaking to scuba diving and visitors have the option of renting a private villa for a more personal and quiet beach vacation.


3. Six Senses Resort Con Dao-Vietnam

Photo Courtesy of Mina Mayo-Smith 

Con Dao’s natural beauty is enough to take anyone’s breath away! Six Senses Resort, located in the archipelago islands, flawlessly incorporates aspects of traditional Vietnamese fishing culture with a contemporary spin.  Each villa is equipped with it’s own pool, inspired by the turquoise and sapphire hues of the natural landscape. 


4. Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton- Ko Samui 


Nestled on the  Shores of the Andaman Sea and adorned by the towering limestone karsts, the Ritz Carlton Phulay Bay is a resort that values the luxuries of time. The charm and the natural beauty of this area in Southern Thailand allows guests to truly relax and unwind for a magnificent beach getaway.


5. Villa Zereno-Phuket 

Photo courtesy of Mehr Gupta 

In Phuket choose an exclusive luxury villa over a hotel and enjoy the private amenities of Villa Zereno. Located in the mountains on the west coast of Phuket, the resort overlooks the sparkling blue Andaman Sea.  Its idyllic setting is perfect for any traveller in search of a privacy and an ideal location to explore the rest of this culturally rich part of the Island.


6. Seven Stones Resort Boracay- Philippines 

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Graves 

Boracay is consistently rated one of the World’s Top 10 beautiful islands and the 7 Stones Boracay Suites allows guests to enjoy fully enjoy the beauty of this island. It is perfect for families with activities like kite surfing, snorkeling, and banana boating. The unbelievable views of the beautiful beach sunsets are a guest favorite.


7. Pankil Resort-Indonesia 

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Graves 

Pulau Pangkil is an exclusive tropical island resort located off the Southeastern corner of Bintan Island, Indonesia.  Its simplistic beauty creates an unforgettable experience for anyone. Guests are able to enjoy a private fireworks display and participate in an exquisite lantern lighting ceremony. It’s a perfect mix of culture, luxury, and relaxation.



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