You'll Never Wash Anything Down The Drain Again After Reading This

I know a lot of people, myself included, love to do at home beauty treatments. I bleach my own hair, use coconut oil religiously, and frequently use coffee scrubs. My bathroom is where most of these events take place and over time, my sink ends up taking in a lot of grease and grime. About a month ago I realized that my sink was taking forever to drain. I would wash my hands for 20 seconds and the sink would be filled with water for 30 minutes. The oil and food and other particles that I was washing down the drain actually caused my sink to clog up. Looking back, I should have known all along, but it was so convenient to watch unwanted beauty ingredients disappear down the drain. It wasn’t until I noticed small black worms swimming around in my stagnant, undrained sink water that I truly realized how much damage I was doing.

The worms are larvae that live in the mold/grime of the clogged sink. Eventually, these worms turn into small flies, which I had seen flying around my bathroom, but had just assumed that they were tiny moths. I knew that I had to deal with my sink problem immediately so grabbed some Jackie drain cleaner and poured it down my sink, following the directions. I ran my tap after I finished the procedure to find that my sink was still clogged. It was going to take a lot more than one attempt with the cheapest drain cleaner to undo 9 months of pouring anything and everything down my sink. In the end I used another bottle of Jackie, 2 sachets of Japanese drain powder, and Liquid Plumr Urgent Clear.

Today, my sink drains normally but I am extremely careful about what goes into my sink. Any time I use oils, I soak them up with tissues or paper towels and throw those into the trash. I do the same with coffee grounds, bleach, and any other food item. The only things that should be going down the drain are toothpaste, water, and hand soap.

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