An Open Letter to the Man Who Doubted Me

 To the man who doubted me: 

            Thank you for making me want to show the world the power of makeup. Thank you for letting me transform your condescending words into purpose.

            I still remember the way you cocked your head, squinted your eyes, and asked how exactly I thought I could spread a positive message through something as trivial as makeup, and I remember how shocked I was that a visiting adult at our school could be so brazen. It was in that moment that I realized you saw me as no more than a makeup-obsessed bimbo, whose dreams were too petty to make a difference. It was also in that moment that I felt the way that millions of women are made to feel every day: inferior, like my simple idea could never possibly live up to your powerful social enterprise.

            I regret silently nodding my head in response to your “feedback” to this day, because silent retraction is the enemy of forward change. After that day, I vowed to stop being docile to actually do something, to challenge stigmas, promote actionable development, and most of all, make people feel good instead of shutting them down. And if you still don’t think I can do it, here’s how I plan to revolutionize beauty:

  1. I hope that women will find confidence and empowerment by looking good and feeling good in my products.
  2. I hope to inspire people to understand their environmental impact and do their part to protect and conserve the earth by offering eco-conscious makeup options.
  3. I will constantly innovate new, fun makeup products in beautiful packaging that are exciting to use and time-saving, so that users can focus on what matters most, whether that is their careers, families, or philanthropic efforts.
  4. I want to encourage my community of customers to be forward thinking, tenacious, and inquisitive by providing relevant, inspirational content that encourages action.
  5. I want to introduce the amazing world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to young girls in a way that is fun and relevant to them by providing cosmetic formulation workshops.
  6. I want to prove that even something that may seem frivolous  on the surface can bring peace and happiness. 



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  • You go, Girl! I love how you turn the negative to positive and how you put your dreams into action. It’s a wonderful example for all of us, no matter how young or old! :)

    Megan Yem

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