Beauty Secrets from a YouTube Beauty Guru Turned Cosmetic Chemist

Beauty Secrets from a YouTube Beauty Guru Turned Cosmetic Chemist

1. One Step to Cara Delevingne-Worthy Brows

Brush a coat of your favorite mascara in the direction of your brow growth to shape, define, and hold your brows in place. The mascara will dry to thicken your brows and accentuate the natural hairs. This makes sure your brows have dimension and remain natural even when they are filled in heavily.

2. Thicker Lashes in a Flash

a. Start off this easy look with a dash of light shimmery eyeshadow, like Peony from our 3 Color Custom Eyeshadow Palette! Sweep the color along your lash line to create a bright base to contrast the dark dramatic lashes you are about to have.  

b. Another age old of trick is tightlining! Use a soft jet black pencil eyeliner to line your waterline, smudging out the bottom with a matte black eyeshadow to get a more smoldering smokey look.

c. Add a coat of your best lengthening mascara starting from the bottom and wiggle the wand from the root to the tip of your lashes to ensure that you coat every single lash!

d. Now comes the fun part! Dust your lashes with a loose translucent powder to add extra volume to the roots. While simply applying additional mascara will only move the product up and down and not create any added volume, this trick allows you to layer coats of mascara more evenly, guaranteeing thicker lashes!


3. Feel a pimple coming up? Ice it ASAP!

Acne is the result of clogged pores whether that is from trapped dead skin cells or other toxins. Ice is a great home-remedy, one because it’s cheap and two because it works! First of all, ice reduces swelling, inflammation and the size of your pores which in turn shrinks the size of the breakout. Secondly, the ice allows the blood vessels beneath a pimple to shrink, which firms and shrinks the pores allowing less bacteria to be trapped under the skin.



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