Ingredient Spotlight: Stearic Acid

Ingredient Spotlight: Stearic Acid

At first glance, the ingredient 'stearic acid' could sound scary but simply it is natural and very useful fatty acid. On the molecular level, stearic acid is a saturated, long chain fatty acid with 18 carbon molecules and carboxylic acid as the carboxy group at the head. Naturally derived from plant or animal oils and this ingredient is commonly found in everything from candles to cosmetics.

At Candela Cosmetics, we use a vegetable-based stearic acid in our Invigorating coconut water Foundation. Primarily it functions as a thickening agent by imparting its natural thickness into the formula as well as an emulsion-stabilizer which prevents formulas from separating into liquid and oil layers


  • Good thickening agent
  • Emulsion-stabilizing properties


As an alternative to chemical ingredients, stearic acid is used in our range of Invigorating Coconut Water Foundations.





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