Video: DIY Coffee Eye Cream



Hey everyone! In this quick tutorial I’m showing you all how I made this simple “Wake Me Up” Coffee Eye Cream. Caffeine has so many skin benefits and is amazing at brightening under eye circles. Before we get into the tutorial, I’ll delve into how it works real quick. 

The skin right underneath your eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, which means the blood vessels under the skin can show through more than they normally would on other areas, creating a dark, sleepy look. The caffeine in coffee is scientifically proven to constrict these blood vessels, temporarily creating a brighter look over time. Of course, while this eye cream is refreshing and moisturizing, the best way to heal under eye circles is some good quality sleep! 

Here are the recipes! The first is the one I showed in the video, and the second is an alternative recipe that’s simpler but doesn’t have the texture of a cream—it’s more of a salve or a butter.  


If you're having trouble finding emulsifying wax or stearic acid, here's where I got mine:




There you go! An easy, fun solution to dark circles and tired eyes! I hope you guys enjoyed this, because I had so much fun making it and let me know what I should DIY next! 


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