Meet Our Team

Candela Cosmetics Team: Left - Priya, Middle - Erin, Right - Alana

Meet our team! Erin, Priya, Alana and Josh are high school friends who have joined together to make the Candela dream a reality! Priya, Alana and Joshua joined Erin in the summer of 2016 to further develop the business and they have continued to do so from their respective hubs in Vancouver, London, and Los Angeles.

Candela Cosmetics Team: Left - Erin, Right - Joshua

Erin is the Founder of Candela Cosmetics and works to formulate the products as well as provide a clear vision for the brand. Priya and Alana help to manage day to day operations, which include everything from web sales and marketing to web design and accounting. Joshua is the Chief Strategist and works to make sure the business remains financially and environmentally sustainable.

Want to see more behind the scenes action? We vlog as the "Real Entrepreneurs of Singapore" and document our lives as we try to make it big!